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Product Order / Tempahan Produk:
M6 Minatures bottle 6 ML RM 32
M6-71 7 Miniatures in 1 box 7 x 6 ML RM220
C30 Frosted canister bottle with pump 30 ML RM 150
R30 Refill bottle 30 ML RM 120
C50 Frosted canister bottle with pump 50 ML RM 250
MT001 Presentation and Testimony VCD 1 PC RM 5
MT002 Leaflets 10 PCS RM 2
MT004 Receipt book 1 PC RM 5
MT005 Application form (50 pcs) 50 PCS RM 30
MT006 Psynergy logo pin 1 PC RM 5

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* We'll charge RM12.50 for shipment around Malaysia.
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Online Bank in to Account: 3063761618-Public Bank Berhad
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